“KASHA’s  photographic  work  is  a seamless  union  of  technical prowess and keen eye.  Whether  capturing  runway  glamour  or  the  serenity of  a  beach umbrella,  evident is  her skilled framing, depth of colour and sense of moment.” 
William Huffman -  Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada

2017          KASHA McKee Gallery debut, signature location 150 Worth Avenue, suite 235, the Esplanade shopping center, Palm Beach. POP UP gallery #1, showcasing (16) 66"x96" framed, original conceptual photographs on archival paper.

2015          Casa McKee, Private Gallery/Showroom, Palm Beach Island, Florida.  'A Collection of Composite Photography'
                  (composite photography on paper)

2013          The David K Space, Northwood, West Palm Beach, Florida. 'FAMOUS PLAYER Celebrity Portraits' 
                  (composite photography on paper)

                  Villa Azur Restaurant, South Beach, Florida. 'FAMOUS PLAYER Celebrity Portraits' 
                  (composite photography on paper)

2008          MYNT Lounge, South Beach, Florida. 'Hotel Umbrella Series'  
                  (digital photography on paper and digital projections)

                  SET Nightclub, South Beach, Florida. 'MIAMI NIGHTS'  
                  (digital photography projections)

2005          The Perk Cafe, Midland Ontario, Canada. 'Serenity'
                  (digital photography on paper)

2001          CHAOS nightclub, South Beach, Florida. 'My Backyard'  
                  (chrome slide projections)

2000          OPIUM nightclub, South Beach, Florida. 'Meanwhile, Somewhere in Paradise'  
                  (digital video projection)

1998         GROOVEJET nightclub/garden, South Beach, Florida. 'Champagne Bloods'  
                 (large format chrome images on acetate)

1997          APOTHOCARY Restaurant/Bar, Toronto, Canada. 'Princes of the Corporate Kingdom' 
                  (large format chrome images on acetate)  

1995          ZODIAK after hours club, Toronto, Canada.  '#@*! Summer'  
                  (4x6 film prints)


2013          2nd Annual Downtown Art Days Miami, McCormick Place. 'FAMOUS PLAYER Celebrity Portraits'
                  (composite photography on paper)

                  FOSTER GALLERIES INTERNATIONAL, Palm Beach Island, 'FAMOUS PLAYER Celebrity Portraits'
                  (composite photography on paper)

1996          SPADINA HOTEL, Toronto, Canada. 'Shrunken Head Portraits'  (cross processed, film prints)

                  SQUEEZE CLUB, Restaurant/Billiards, Toronto, Canada. 'Devil Lived'  (monochrome red, dark room, film prints)

1993          Byzantium Restaurant/Bar, Toronto, Canada. 'Live Concerts'  (black and white, dark room, film prints)