single image
Conceptual Digital Photograph
SIZE: 60" x 90"
Printed on high definition, archival, soft cotton paper 
Signed and stamped with official seals by the artist KASHA
Includes Certificate of Authenticity 
This is my first political piece. It began as a tribute to the Palm Beach elite who arrive like clockwork every November for their season of galas and private parties. The concrete elephants are originally a pair which sit facing each other at the entrance of one of the estates here on the island. I have adored them since I first laid eyes on them driving by time and time again. It was when I was driving past the ocean that I had the vision of masses of the concrete elephants as far as the eye could see 'arriving' to paradise. The first drafts of this concept included pink elephants to represent all of the champagne consumed over the months of social appearances in glorious gowns, diamonds and gold. I wasn't quite happy with the first drafts, so I put it aside until Mr. Donald J Trump entered the race to be the President of the United States of America. As a Canadian resident here on the island, with a very all-American husband I endearingly call, and introduce on occasion as 'Captain America,' I became fascinated with the countdown to the 2016 election. We were both captivated with the roll out of the different candidate's campaigns and paid very close attention to the media coverage, public reactions, and most of all the steady, unstoppable approach of the now President, DONALD JOHN TRUMP. It occurred to me very clearly on another beautiful day here on the island, that Mr. Trump was going to win the Presidency. With that conclusion in mind, I revisited the first drafts of the traveling elephants in the ocean and included metaphors of adversary with rock obstacles, dark foreboding clouds on the horizon, menacing seagulls, and the crashing waves of conflict. As American history was being made before my eyes, I knew I was making a significant piece of art that represents the heralding victory of the Republican Party. As the dark clouds on the horizon depict a very dark 'ARRIVAL,' the elephants are steadfast and strong. It is with this incredible shift of world politics, that I present my BEST work to date in honor of the 45th President of the United States, MR. DONALD JOHN TRUMP and the Republican Party.